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Hardware in the Loop Simulation and Control of Power Conversions in Smart Grid Operation

Smart Grids are system that contains at least one distributed energy resource (DER) and local loads. Every unit within the system exchanges information with each other so that smart grid can adapt to load changes and other influences. The challenges to the control of smart grid are: a) the control of each DER has to guarantee the output AC power is compatible with the grid. b) during transitions between grid-tied and off-grid mode.

In this research, we propose a control system that contains Model Predictive Adaptive Control (MPAC) and Repetitive Control (RC) to overcome the aforementioned issues. MPAC generates optimal desired output current for each DER, and RC will be utilized to control power electronic system in each DER. The proposed Repetitive and Adaptive Control system will guarantee not only safely and smoothly operation of the smart grid but also good power quality during all modes of operation.


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