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Intraocular Robotic Interventional and Surgical System


The Intraocular Robotic Interventional and Surgical System (IRISS) is the result of research collaboration between the Mechatronics and Control Laboratory and the Jules Stein Eye Institute. The research vision is to develop a surgical platform capable of performing anterior and posterior surgical procedures via teleoperation and automation. The IRISS has the unique capability to manipulate two surgical instruments simultaneously through ocular incisions spaced millimeters apart. The large range of motion of the manipulator allows for both anterior and posterior surgical instrument positioning. To facilitate comprehensive surgical procedures, the IRISS can automatically alternate between multiple surgical instruments on each arm. Dedicated master surgical manipulators and microscope mounted cameras allow for 3D teloperated surgical visualization based commands. This configuration also lends itself to computer vision based intervention.

In order to retrieve intraocular information, three-dimensional optical coherence tomography (OCT) images are introduced to monitor the tool and tissues positions inside the anterior chamber. The IRISS can automate the surgical procedures and minimize the implications of eye surgeries by this visual closed-loop system architecture.





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